Security Foggers
Instant Protection

Rapid Protection and Security

Stop burglars and vandalism at your worksite or property in seconds!

Security Fog is the most effective way of Protecting Assets and Property.

Security Fogging Technology has evolved and come a long way in the last 10 years.

It has been proven that a security fogging system is the most effective way in preventing burglaries, the theft of valuable items and preventing vandalism.

The concept is simple, one cannot steal what you can’t see. Security Fog is not harmful, nor does it blind you in any way, it prevents one from seeing items by very quickly producing a thick dense white cloud making it impossible to see through the fog. The fog is designed to be dense and linger for upto an hour.

Burglars steal from and vandalise properties daily and authorities can take up to 20 minutes to arrive if requested. The initial seconds of a break-in are decisive, A Protecta Portable Fogger is the ideal solution. The offenders flee immediately once a Protecta Fogger is activated, filling the room with dense dry fog in seconds, making it impossible for them to see.

Benefits of Protecta

Instant Protection

Fully operational within minutes

Requires an active ordinary electrical socket power point 240v

Activate/deactivate via app or remotely via the internet

Monitor via your smartphone app and receive a camera image to your smartphone

Once you have hired a Protecta, what happens next?

We deliver and setup the following:

Our qualified staff deliver and setup the machine within minutes, we setup the Protecta Fogger and erect the warning signs on your property, we load the app on your phone and ensure everything is working correctly before we leave the site, health and safety is of utmost importance and we ensure that when we install the Fogger, they are safe and secure and present no risk to the general public. 

We require a 240v ordinary electrical socket to power the Fogger. We monitor the Fogger remotely and ensure it is always ready and working correctly.  Setup time is less than 1 hour.

We collect the Fogger at the end of your rental period.

See the benefits of Fog Protection

Pricing (excl. VAT)

Rental Protecta Transport  Total
Central London
Single Daily - including congestion fee £20.00 £120.00 £140.00
1 Week - 7 Days - including congestion fee £75.00 £120.00 £195.00
Monthly Rate - including congestion fee £280.00 £120.00 £400.00
Outside of Congestion Zone - London - 50 Mile Radius
Single Daily  £20.00 £150.00 £170.00
1 Week - 7 Days £75.00 £150.00 £225.00
Monthly Rate £380.00 £150.00 £430.00
Outside of Congestion Zone - London - 100 Mile Radius
Single Daily  £20.00 £190.00 £210.00
1 Week - 7 Days £105.00 £160.00 £265.00
Monthly Rate £380.00 £160.00 £540.00
Outside of Congestion Zone - London - 100 Mile + Radius
Single Daily  £20.00 £280.00 £300.00
1 Week - 7 Days £105.00 £250.00 £355.00
Monthly Rate £380.00 £250.00 £630.00

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