About Us

Brad Morein - CEO

As CEO of Foggers4Hire UK since 2021 my most important commitment to you as our customer is providing you with a friendly and good customer service experience.

Having built up and being the CEO of several technology companies over the years, I have been involved in the IT and security industry for 30 + years, I hold several technical qualifications.

From humble beginnings, installing burglar alarms for extra money in the school holidays to building my own brand of smoke machines in my 20s, I have always been very technical and mechanically minded.

I have seen first-hand the destruction burglaries can leave behind, physically on the premises and mentally on their victims, creating the loss of feeling safe in your retail store, business, jobsite and home.

I started this business to bring affordable and reliable preventative protection to protect people’s property and properties as well as provide the use of Fog to benefit in Health and Safety Training to save lives. I provide Foggers where it is required and beneficial in other industries where there is a requirement and useful use of Fog.

Our Company

Our Protecta Portable Foggers further save resources time due to freeing up valuable Police time by preventing burglaries and the Police not having to spend months investigating these types of preventable crimes.

Our Protecta Portable Foggers have an insurance benefit by preventing the items from being stolen and not having to claim from insurance.

All our machines utilise EU and BS certified products, our machines comprise of no DIY or home-made components, we are a professional company utilising and combining professional commercially certified products.

Foggers4hire is a proud member of The Energy and IT Group Ltd.

Energy and IT Group Ltd is a wholly owned and registered Technology Company operating in the UK.

We look forward to providing our customers with our products and services and building a long-lasting relationship with our customers.