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When it comes to filming a fire scene or a smoke or fog scene, time is money and we have the perfect, reliable, always ready Filma Portable Fogger.

We offer our Filma Portable Fogger that produces fog to emulate a real life fire or emergency film scene.

The Filma Portable Fogger produces fog that is completely safe to humans, animals, camera equipment and IT and electronic equipment, our fog fluid is water based and does not leave any residue within the environment.

Filma Portable Fogger is the perfect and easy solution for your Fog requirements.

fogger for film industry

Benefits of Filma

Instant Fog

Fully operational within 1 hour

Requires an active ordinary electrical socket power point 240v, works seamlessly off generator power

2 hours of usage time on battery alone

Activate/deactivate via app or remotely via the internet

We supply you with enough fog fluid for the duration of your filming session

Produces thick dense fog/smoke very quickly

Once you have Hired a Filma, what happens next?

We deliver and setup the following:

Our qualified staff deliver and setup the Filma Portable Fogger within minutes. 

We setup the Filma Portable Fogger, we load the app on your phone and ensure everything is working correctly before we leave the site, health and safety is of utmost importance and we ensure that when we install the Fogger, they are safe and secure and present no risk to your film crew or the public. 

We require a 240v ordinary electrical socket to power the Fogger. We monitor the Fogger remotely and ensure it is always ready and working correctly.  Setup time is less than 1 hour.

We collect the Fogger at the end of your rental period.

Pricing (excl. VAT)

Rental Filma Transport  Total
Central London
Single Daily - including congestion fee £35.00 £120.00 £155.00
1 Week - 7 Days - including congestion fee £195.00 £120.00 £315.00
Monthly Rate - including congestion fee £465.00 £120.00 £585.00
Outside of Congestion Zone - London - 50 Mile Radius
Single Daily  £35.00 £150.00 £185.00
1 Week - 7 Days £195.00 £150.00 £345.00
Monthly Rate £465.00 £150.00 £615.00
Outside of Congestion Zone - London - 100 Mile Radius
Single Daily  £35.00 £190.00 £295.00
1 Week - 7 Days £195.00 £160.00 £355.00
Monthly Rate £465.00 £160.00 £625.00
Outside of Congestion Zone - London - 100 Mile + Radius
Single Daily  £35.00 £280.00 £315.00
1 Week - 7 Days £195.00 £250.00 £445.00
Monthly Rate £465.00 £250.00 £715.00
Additional Fluid is billed seperately, the machine comes fully loaded with a 4L Fluid.  
1.5L Fluid Recharge £79.00
4L Fluid Recharge £225.00
5L Fluid Recharge £261.00

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