It all depends on the size of the room or area. We have Foggers that will fill a room or area with dense dry fog in 40-60 seconds, leaving one unable to see objects 15cm in front of their eyes.

All Foggers are equipped with a backup battery allowing it to operate for a period of 2 hours with no mains power.

Once fresh air is let into the room or in an outside area, it will take about 20 minutes to completely evaporate. With no fresh air it will take longer (approximately 45 minutes)

Yes, the Protecta will ‘blast’ multiple times.

Yes we do, any areas that are outside of our pricelist radius, we will quote a reasonable fee for delivery and pickup.

We are not an ARC and don’t offer this service, our Protecta Portable Foggers are equipped with an Ajax Alarm System that can be linked to your ARC of your choice via the Ajax cloud.

We don’t offer keyholding services, we can work in conjunction with your registered security company and meet them on-site at your premises when required.

Safety is of utmost importance our Fogging machines are built with fully certified, EU and BS standards certification products, they are not a fire hazard in any way, our fog fluid is food grade, allergy free water based fluid and is completely safe for humans, animals, furniture and IT and electronic equipment.