Portable Foggers for Hire

Portable Foggers for the Security, Health & Safety Training and Film Industry

Our fleet of Portable Foggers consist of the Protecta for Security, Traina for Health and Safety Training and Filma for the Film Making Industry. All our Portable
Foggers are online, connected to the internet and monitored and tracked 24/7 by our qualified staff in our operations centre based at our offices in North London. 
Our Portable Foggers are completely safe and harmless, our White Out Fog Fluid is water based and has no adverse effect, no allergies risk whatsoever and will not contaminate humans, animals, or property.



Our Portable Foggers


Protecta Portable Fogger is the ultimate protection against preventing theft for the Building, Tradesman and Real Estate Industry. You can’t steal what you can’t see. Security Fog is 100 percent effective against preventing theft, protect your tools, worksites and vacant properties.


Traina Portable Fogger provides dense fog in a short space of time allowing rescue teams and emergency workers to effectively simulate real life obscured vision emergency situations, this improves overall health and safety training and effectiveness of rescue teams.

fogger for film industry

Filma and Testa

Filma and Testa Portable Fogger provides dense fog in a short space of time for hassle free testing of wind tunnels, extraction systems,  production filming and any other useful use of smoke or fog. Engineers and crews have total control of the Portable Fogger at all times.

Feature List

Features Protecta Traina Filma
Fully electronic
Online on the internet at all times
Ethernet and / or cellular connectivity
Controlled, monitored and tracked 24/7
App control from your smartphone
Alarm system with app and cameras in the PIR sensors
Remote control fob
Powerful dispense
Dense long lasting fog up to 1 hour
Up to 3-hours battery back-up in the event of a power failure
Low cost and energy efficient
Leaves no residue the fog is completely harmless to humans, animals, clothing, furnishings, IT and electrical equipment

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